Rules & Regulation

Regularity & Punctuality

All students must come to school in time to attend the Morning Assembly. If a student is late once, he/she will be sent to the class with a verbal warning. 85% attendance is compulsory for each term as per the CBSE norms. Attendance is compulsory on the following days: Independence Day, Republic Day, Sports Day, Annual Day, Children’s Day , Teacher’s day, Educational development Day and any other day specified.

Communication in Campus

All students and teachers must communicate only in English inside the campus. Languages other than English must be used for communication only in language classes.

Demeanor & Decorum

The School expects every student to maintain dignity, decorum and good behavior at all times. Ambiguous language, bullying and abusing (Verbal/ Physical or both) are serious offences which may entail punishment and even dismissal.

Banned Gadgets

Possessing electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, IPods, cameras, CDs, Toys, sharp objects like steel/iron scales and other objects which may cause physical injury are prohibited in the school campus. The objects will be confiscated and will remain under the custody of the Principal. The School is not responsible for any loss and thefts of student's property.


Students are not allowed to wear any costly jewels and the school shall ot held responsible for the loss of any such item. Students are not allowed to keep any money with them in the school. Students are responsible for the safety of their own belongings.

School Property

Damage to school property, disfiguring of walls will not be tolerated and must be made good by those responsible . Breakage in the laboratories must be compensated / replaced. Students have the responsibility to intimate the class teacher if any damage to the school property has been done by self or other student. Any damage to the school property will be fined.

Knowledge Hub

Students have to maintain perfect silence in the knowledge hub. Students have to take care of the library property. Food and drinks are not allowed in the library. Loss of books in the Library must be compensated / replaced.

School Transport

Students who avail the School Transport System are hereby instructed that NO foul language, bullying, throwing articles out of the bus etc. will be tolerated. If found violating, such students will lose the benefit of the School Transport facility and will have to make their own transport arrangements.

Classroom Discipline

Student should observe strict silence in the classroom, while moving in the corridors, assembling for prayer and dining. Students involved in serious indiscipline within the school or outside, tarnishing the name of the school will be suspended or removed from roll.

Taking Alcohol, Tobacco in any forms and drugs in school will be strictly viewed and will lead to termination of the student from the school without warning.

Handbook Usage

Pupil must bring the handbook to School every day. All Homework details must be noted down only in the handbook. Parents are requested to check the handbook daily and every message sent in the parent app and ensure that the homework is completed before their wards are sent to school the next day. Text Books, notebooks and files required for the class must be brought to the school every day strictly as per the time table.

Leave Taking

It is imperative for the students to be present on the first and the last working day of every term. Attendance is compulsory on all special days like Independence day, Sports day, etc. Prior intimation for availing permission/leave should be sought from the Class Teacher through permission/ Leave form in the prescribed format given in the handbook. Medical Certificate and leave letter should be brought on the day of reporting to School and submitted to the respective Class Teacher, if leave is availed on medical grounds.

Medical Assistance

If the student is undergoing any medical treatment where use of pharmaceutical drugs are compulsory, please inform the class teacher and attach the prescription copy in the diary for reference.

Parents are requested to pick their wards in person; otherwise they should depute a responsible person with a letter from the parents authorizing the person. At the year beginning only those whose names and photos affixed in the authentication card shall take the students after seeking permission from the school authority.


Malpractices in exams will lead to termination of the student from that exam and also the following examinations for that term and the parent will be notified of the same.

Assessment Report

Certain criteria has been adopted for awarding grades for the pupils on which their promotion is considered, taking into account the continuous assessment of the pupil's performance during the whole year instead of the final exam alone. This gives an incentive to the pupil to study from the initial stages itself.

  • Parents are requested to monitor their ward's academic work regularly.
  • Periodical Assessment reports will be sent to the parent through Parent app.
  • Parents are requested to visit the school and meet the teachers periodically to know their child’s progress and performance in connection with the scholastic and non-scholastic performance.
  • Absence during assessments will not be entertained at any cost.

School Fee Payment

The school fee and Van fee can be paid in full or in two Instalments. The first instalment must be paid before the academic year begins/at the time of joining the school. The second instalment should be paid between the 1st and the 7th of October of every academic year. The fee can be paid through Online or by Cash/ Demand Draft. Penalty will be charged after the due date of payment.


a) If the parent wishes to withdraw the student at the end of the academic year, Transfer Certificate application form has to be collected from the school office and submitted by 31st January. If the Transfer Certificate is applied after the deadline intimated by the school, full year fee for the next Academic Year is to be remitted in order to obtain the Transfer Certificate.

b) If a student wishes to apply for the Transfer Certificate in the middle of the Academic year, there will be no refund of the school fee, if paid in full/the fee for the whole year must be paid.

Parental Co-operation

Parents are requested to co-operate in all our School activities. The students must be encouraged to take part in all the extra and co-curricular activities organized by the School.

Parents are not permitted to enter the classrooms during the school hours. Prior appointment should be sought to fix an appointment to meet the Principal between 9.30am to 10.30am & 3.30pm to 4.30pm on Monday/Tuesday & Friday & 2.30pm to 3.30pm on Saturday. Vice Principal/ Co-ordinators /teachers can be met between 4.10 p.m. to 4.45pm on all days. They are expected to attend all Parent Teacher Meetings .

Change of Address

A record of the address of the parents/guardians is maintained at school. Any change in address or phone number must be communicated to the school office without delay.