Student's Pledge

As a student of Sri Vignesh Vidyalaya, I promise that

  • I will be punctual.
  • I will do my home work regularly.
  • I will always converse in English.
  • I will come in complete uniform.
  • I will respect my parents and teachers.
  • I will be attentive in the class.
  • I will behave in such a manner, that my teachers and parents would feel proud.
  • I will finish my work in time.
  • I will be responsible enough to do my duties.
  • I will avoid viewing TV for long hours and using mobile phones or any electronic gadgets unnecessarily and for long hours.
  • I will not absent myself to school for simple reasons.
  • I will not talk much.
  • I will not scribble on the walls, furniture or any part of the School.